About Our Runway

On 1/16/16, CSRA Flyers completed the installation of our new runway using geotextile material. The runway consists of three 15'x15' taxiways, a 15'x225' runway for electrics/parkflyers and the main runway 30'x300' for our larger aircraft. We also maintain a 55' wide grass runway that runs the length of the field and an older 17'x200' paved runway still exists.

The geotextile runway is comprised of three rolls of Willahoochee 315W geotextile material and is held in place using ~2,800 8" sod staples. The geotextile runway was installed in just 2 hours and 45 minutes by a crew of 15 club members. Prior to the runway installation, the ground was prepared using a Harley rake and then compacted to ensure a smooth base to lay the runway on. We also sprayed a herbicide prior to the runway installation to prevent the growth of vegetation.

Installation of the Geotextile Runway

Artist Rendering Showing Plans & Dimensions
(click for larger image)
Aerial Photo of Completed Runway
Runway Installation Crew Roll 3 of 3 Being Rolled Out
Roll 3 of 3 Being Rolled Out Roll 3 of 3 Being Rolled Out
Roll 3 of 3 Being Rolled Out Runway Installation Complete